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  • A freelance miner fills his buckets with water to take to his family's filtration site, where they filter water through gravel in hopes of extracting copper. The filtration process takes 20 days and a family can make $100 USD. 

Photo by Lauren DeCicca for NRGI

    Lauren DeCicca

    Lauren DeCicca interviewed by Emmy Peterson¬† What initially drew you to photograph…

  • With the assistance of the international military coalition the rebels have now taken over the city of Ajdabiya.

Shortly after the fall of Ajdabiya. Burned out tanks belonging to the Pro-Gardaffi forces destroyed by the international military coalition.

Rebels fighters and locals are celebrating the victory.

Man stands on a burning tank belonging to pro-Gardaffi forces.

    Mads Nissen

    Mads Nissen interviewed by Martine Kolstad As a 19 year old boy…

  • Finnmark_02 copy

    Andrea Gjestvang

      Andrea Gjestvang interviewed by Martine Kolstad After graduating from Oslo University…