David Maurice Smith


David Maurice Smith interviewed by Lauren Young

David Maurice Smith is a Canadian documentary photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His work focuses on marginalised communities, and people on the fringe of society in Australia and around the world. His fascination with photography developed after travelling and documenting the essence of the places he visited through film photography. This career in photography began after he became frustrated with his career in social services and the institutional restrictions of social work. David uses the medium of photography to creatively engage on a more meaningful basis with social issues, to make viewers feel a sense of empathy and walk away with more questions than answers.

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Alex Wisser

wonder woman full size final

Alex Wisser by Alexandra Gonzalez-Mendoza

Alex Wisser is an Australian photographer, whose main practice revolves around professional art photography. He also has experience delving into many other types of areas including editorial photography, commercial, art documentation photography as well as freelance photography and even videography. Alex is also not a stranger to holding artist run initiatives as he is the co-founder of INDEX a Sydney based studio and project space for contemporary artists as well as being the co-founder of the Cementa Contemporary Art Festival that is based in Kandos, NSW which is all about celebrating the state of contemporary art in Australia while simultaneously concentrating on engagement with the community of Kandos.

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Adriane Ohanesian

In the early morning sisters wake up in a cave where they sleep with hundreds of other people whose villages have been destroyed, or who are seeking shelter from the conintuned bombing ouside of Sarong in Central Darfur, Sudan, March 2, 2015.

Adriane Ohanesian interviewed by Jonas Ottesen

Adriane Ohanesian was born in New York, where she graduated from the International Centre of Photography’s photojournalism and documentary photography program in 2010. She then moved to Sudan and has since been photographing mainly in Africa. She covers civil wars, conflicts and human crisis. Her focus is the impact these conflicts have on isolated civilian populations. Adriane is an award-winning photographer. She has received awards from National Geographic and she won a World Press Photog for her work in Darfur.

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Journeys North


By Oliver Wykeham

Journeys North is an exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery, 13 FEB – 3 JUL 2016.

The history of a place can be difficult without the ability to visualise the place as it was. Even modern history can seem unattainable. Journeys North, a retrospective exhibit by the Queensland Art Gallery, is a cross section of Queensland life in 1988. A turning point in the Northern most states history. This exhibit shows the Queensland that was, the Queensland that in many places has disappeared and in some places that has remained. Continue reading