Reality Express

Multimedia by Marita Gjerde

19 year old Filipino dancer Jem, discusses how dancing has impacted his life. Living his life as a young gay man, dance has given him the freedom to express his emotions through every single moment. He has the ability to tell stories and show who he is through the power of dance.

A Day In the Life

Multimedia by Martine Kolstad

Drew McPherson, tells the story of how he began surfing professionally at a young age. Growing up he stepped away from the commercial side of the sport and continued to surf as a free spirit while living in Byron Bay, Australia.


Multimedia by Taila Campbell

Retelling the story of her mother’s tragic 1998 murder, this short autobiographical documentary explores loss, addiction and retracing a family history.

Legless not fearless

Legless not Fearless from The Argus on Vimeo.

Multimedia by Laura Edwards

Luke Watt was born with Sacral Agenesis, a condition where the lower part of the spine (sacral) fails to form, and has learnt to adapt to life without legs. From a young age, much of Luke’s life was spent in a wheelchair until he was given an old school cruiser deck from his parents for Christmas. “It was just a random present they thought up, I used to use it more than my actual wheelchair. Then later on in the years, I started going to the skate park with friends for something to do, everyone was so encouraging and it ended up becoming something that I loved to do.”


Skateistan from The Argus on Vimeo.

Multimedia by Joshua White.

Skateistan is a Non-Government Organisation whose aim is to provide complementary educational opportunities, support and development for youth aged between 5 and 18 years, by establishing connections between skateboarding and educational opportunities. Students sign up for a session in which they participate in a one hour skate lesson followed by a one hour session that promotes art, visual learning and critical thinking, an aspect of education that is not commonly addressed by schools in Cambodia. Arts-based critical education is an important aspect of the program, as it develops the participant’s ability to express their opinions, hopes and dreams for the future.

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