David Maurice Smith


David Maurice Smith interviewed by Lauren Young

David Maurice Smith is a Canadian documentary photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His work focuses on marginalised communities, and people on the fringe of society in Australia and around the world. His fascination with photography developed after travelling and documenting the essence of the places he visited through film photography. This career in photography began after he became frustrated with his career in social services and the institutional restrictions of social work. David uses the medium of photography to creatively engage on a more meaningful basis with social issues, to make viewers feel a sense of empathy and walk away with more questions than answers.

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Jacob Pedersen

Jacob Pedersen interviewed by Zakariyya Paruk 

Jacob Pedersen, also known as Alterego Visuals is a photographer and videographer based out of Brisbane, Australia. He studied Bachelor of Multimedia, majoring in Film at Griffith University. Coming from a background of film, Jacob had always turned down photography opportunities until he decided to shoot some photos with friends in order to develop his skills. He believed that having the prior camera knowledge through film helped him to achieve a quicker learning curve, compared to the usual time it takes to learn photography. He is now a very competent photographer who shoots many professional applications, most notably his stage and music photography. Jacob also plays a role in content creation for one of Brisbane’s best lifestyle and fashion blogs, DopeKoto.

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