Dirt road. Blistering heat. Mid-afternoon sun. It’s the outskirts of small town Chinchilla, settled in inland Queensland. The tyres disturb the dust and the wind catches it; it was so dry you could see it. Even in the city the dust didn’t settle.”

This magazine is a reflection of the experience that 17 Queensland College of Art students had on their in-field trip to Chinchilla. They arrived with keen eyes and shutter buttons at the ready and left with not only the stories of others but tales to tell of their own.

The Argus would like to thank the photographers for their vital contribution and thirst for visual storytelling, the executive editors for their wisdom, guidance and unwavering support and the editorial team for their work in adding yet another inspiring E-Zine to the Argus. Finally, thank you to the participants for allowing our viewers into their homes and hearts to have their stories told.

Zara Tansley
Managing Editor 2017

The ARGUS Issue 2, 2016 is now out!
Welcome to the second edition of The Argus e-zine 2016. This is the online visual journalism magazine produced by Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art students. This Australian e-zine has a strong focus on emerging visual journalism, which pushes us to find untold stories, and to ask questions of those already pursuing careers in photojournalism.
The title of this issue is “party,” showcasing broad interpretations and definitions of the word. We sent the call out for work using this word as a jumping off point into broader contexts; what are “parties” and what is their politic.
The quality and broad range of works submitted to this issue has not only impressed the editorial team, but has stressed the importance of supporting emerging artists. We have stories ranging from drunk Norwegians, to bridal showers, to the closure of Thailand’s largest tiger temple. There is a strong international flair in the range of stories published in the issue. Norway, Thailand, U.S.A. and India are featured in visual stories by talented young photographers, as well as a healthy selection of work created domestically.
The issue features interviews with established photojournalists about their works and their politic. We talk with them about human rights issues, project immersion, and celebration of culture.
Finally, I’d like to thank this issue’s hard working editorial team, all of whom this issue would not exist without. Their biographies can be read at the end of this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us for more information about our own work or the work in this issue. I’d also like to thank editor-in-chief Dr. Heather Faulkner for her encouragement and support.
We sincerely hope you enjoy this issue and thank you for your readership.
Emmy Peterson
Managing editor, The Argus

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