The ARGUS Submission Guide

Submit your story ideas to us via submissions @

Please do not send unsolicited work.
Once we reply, we will send you the link to submit your work via a secure file transfer system.
Please use the following guidelines once asked to submit your work. 

1. Images

• We’re looking for a single feature image, a short (5- 12 images) story or a long (15-30 images) feature;

• All images need captions written according to ARGUS caption style (write these into the metadata or in File > Info in Photoshop);

• Image size must be minimum 2400 px longest edge, 300DPI, Adobe RGB colour space

• No work with watermarks will be accepted for publication

2. Text

• A small feature ranging from 350-600 words; A large feature ranges from 800-1600 words;

• Don’t pad the text – keep it simple (see our Features writing section in the styleguide for tips)

• Headline and deck

• Byline and contact information

3. Story-Telling-Devices – All stories should have:

• 1-2 pull-quotes

• A break-out box of contextual, factual items

• A poll widget if it suits

4. Video/multimedia

• A short video is 1.5-3 minutes duration;

• A longer video feature is 5-10 minutes;

• Must be formatted according to ARGUS Vimeo specs (contact the multimedia editor for help);

• All music must be credited and creative commons or used with written permission of copyright holder

• Send embed codes for Vimeo or Youtube to submissions[at]

5. Terms and Conditions

• Please indicate that you agree to the terms & conditions of our publishing agreement by filling out and returning the complete form to us.

• The ARGUS would like the rights to use your images for publication in the E-Zine and in the not-for-profit monograph, published bi-annually.

• The ARGUS agrees that you are the copyright holder and agrees not to on-sell or distribute your work to third-party sources.

• Remember to include contact details in the metadata (File Info) so we can pass on your contact to people who are interested in your work. If you have a website URL, we’ll include it in the byline.

6. Deadlines

• As in the real world, if you miss a deadline, the ARGUS editorial collective will not hold a spot for you. Making deadlines is your professional responsibilities. Budget your time wisely.

ARGUS Terms & Conditions PDF